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Our company

Sade Foreign Trade

Vision and mission statement

Company’s mission :
High quality agricultural production, proper packaging, and consulting services in new cultivation methods
Company’s Vision :
Fixation of company’s brand as the Turkey’s superior company in agricultural products
To become the best producer of Turkey’s agricultural products and dried fruits
To become the premier executing company in export packaging
To obtain market’s major share in the agricultural products field

Company’s goals :
To increase market’s variety and development
To satisfy costumers based on products quality, performance obligations and desired services
To satisfy company’s teams based on social personality, individual excellence, and financing

Company’s strategy :
Concentration of production power and development on company’s key products
Providing comprehensive, unique and specialized services on planting various key products
Fixation of company’s brand through vast advertisement and desired services
Aiming towards establishing the export of Turkey’s fruit to a variety of countries (region and world)

Company’s policy :
To prioritize costumers’s demands and establishing mechanisms to achieve those demands
Emphasizing on performance obligations
To enhance and update the especialized knowledge through continuous research and development (R&D)
Establishing order and moral thinking and systematizing discipline and processes in the company
Continuous optimization in quality, company’s services and executing processes
Improvement, development and updating agricultural production science
Absorption and training efficient and commited human resources, and establishing educating & empowerment programs on
modern agricultural science

Company’s values :
Respecting costumer’s rights and making serious efforts to fulfil it

Responsibility of the directors and employees & their participation to achieve company goals
Honesty and righteousness for staff, costumers and society
Loyalty to company’s professional ethics, rules and commitments
Caring for health, quality and suitability of products
Innovation in agricultural production and services

Words from the CEO

Sade ForeignTrade Turkey.Co with a bright background in production, packing and exporting Citrus, Vegetables
from all regions of Turkey is trying to increase non-oil exports by publicizing Turkey’s Agricultural products the more in international arena .

Concerning agricultue production situation in Turkey’s neighbouring countries and failure to branding and bringing up Turkey’s fruit as a desirable and unique product at the regional level, our “Research & Development Team” and “Marketing experts” are planning to make effective steps in international arena besides providing domestic needs considering their goals & missions, and showcase Turkey’s fruit and citrus high quality and desirability on global markets.

We hope that our different departments including “Domestic & foreign trade”, “Logistic & supply chain department” and “Market research and development” will do their best
to expand target markets and formulate various strategies depending on function of every unit
and make effective steps to exports enhancement and promoting the name and credibility of Turkey’s agricultural products.

Celal Zafer

Sade Foreign Trade Logistic department

Our company’s supply chain management is responsible for planning process, executing and controlling operations

connected to supply chain which is all transits and stocking from the starting point to the final consumption in the most optimized condition.

The goal of forming this unit is to create an Integration approach for planning and controlling products & infromations

that is flowing from farmers to customers as is flowing in various tasks in an organization.

Supply chain is consisted of every activity dealing with process of converting goods from the first stage (Farm)

to distribution (either domestic or foreign), and also information flowings connected with them.

In general, our logistic department includes all activities pertaining to packaging fruits, from the cultivation to

delivering final product to the customer.

This department is established for informing in the supply chain management field and dependent processes

such as cultivation & production management systems, production planning, supply planning, demand planning,

shipment planning, capacity & resources planning, troubleshooting and upgrading company’s ability levels.

Our marketing team’s tactical programs.co

This team will set tactical and mid-term programs to achieve mentioned goals on vision that includes :

1. Market tactical program
Adjust positioning & locating product, sales, market division, etc
2. Product tactical program
A brief description of product, packaging, logo & trademark, tagging, etc
3. Distribution tactical program
Channel types, covering domain, channels’ costs, channel changes, etc
4. Promotion tactical program
Advertisement, in-person sales, public relations, announcement, etc
5. Pricing tactical program
Pricing strategy, pricing influences, pricing options

Situation analysis is handled by numerous point of views :

1. Current product analysis
2. Available market analysis
3. Distribution network analysis
4. Financial analysis
5. Competitors analysis
6. Other kinds of analysis

In current product analysis these items will be investigated :

1. Product’s attributes and properties
2. Product’s pricing
3. Product’s distribution channels
4. Product’s quality promotion
5. Product’s extra services

In available market analysis these items will be investigated :

1. Orientation in target market
2. Target market psychologic and sociologic properties
3. Target customers properties
4. Target market estimation
5. Customer’s purchase process analysis

In distribution network analysis these items will be investigated :
1. Distribution channels and supply chain
2. Distributors expectations
3. Purchase processes
4. Product role in distribution
5. Distribution dimensions

Marketing Informations

Informations as the important element of facilitating marketing system and it’s being said that informations
are lubricating the wheels of marketing system. Informations and Market researches are the vital forces of
market and have impressive role on increasing market system efficiency.

Market informations system generally could be used by farmers and marketing agents and planners like below :
– Immediate business decisions by farmers and market agents.
– Long term decisions by farmers and businesspersons.
– In planning and government services for improvement and adjustment of the market.