Turkish Wind in Asia Food Logistica Fair

The 11th Asia Fruit Logistica 2017 Fair was held in Hong Kong from 6-8 September 2017 Turkey’s national participation organization was attended for the third time by the General Secretariat of the Mediterranean Exporters’ Union.

The exhibition, which is more productive compared to last year and has 16% increase in visitor numbers, has hosted a total of 13.000 visitors from 76 different countries. While 70% of the visitors were from Asian countries, the most visited visitors were New Zealand, Australia, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Philippines and Vietnam.


The Fair where 813 companies from 43 countries participated as participants; 24 countries participated with the national participation organization. While most company participation was from People’s Republic of China, followed by Italy, Egypt and Australia respectively. 40 companies from Spain and 33 companies from South Africa participated in The Fair.

Turkey, which organized the national participation organization with 11 companies in 2015 for the first time in Asia Fruit Logistica Fair, participated with 17 firms in a bigger area in 2016, and this year they displayed a splendid stand design with 18 companies in total.

The Fair, which has great importance in promoting Turkish fresh fruit and vegetable sector to Southeast Asian countries and Far Eastern countries, also contributed to the increase and diversification of export markets of fresh fruit and vegetable sector. In this respect, the “Turkey Brand” stand was opened in the body of the national participation organization and visitors to the booth were informed about Turkey and the sector, orange and lemon flavored jesters were distributed and “Turkish Fresh Fruits & Vegetables” log backpacks were distributed.

Mr. Ali Kavak, Chairman of the Association of Turkey’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Unions Sector and Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Exporters Association, and members of the Board of Directors participated in the fair, representing Turkey’s agriculture sector. The pavilion of Turkey was also visited by Hong Kong Trade Representative Ayşe Gül Barkçin.

Ali Kavak, who emphasized the importance of the participation of the trade fairs in the presentation of the sector and the efforts to create an alternative market, he said that “For the 3rd time to organize national participation in the Asia Fruit Logistica Fair which is an important and key exhibition for exporting fruits and vegetables to Southeast Asia and Far East countries We hope that the exporters participating in the fairs are making important contracts in the future and in the following years the plant quarantine agreements must be made urgently in countries that do not have a plant quarantine agreement, especially the People’s Republic of China, in order for the fair to go much more efficiently.



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